Graduation 2010: A Poem

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I am so excited, will graduation day ever come?

The years I have spent studying, and the fussing from mom.
Have left me wondering what ever will I do?
Oh God it just hit me, now she will treat me like a, true;
Adult, what! No I need to turn back the hands of time,
I just realized that I am not ready to be on mine, own that is.
No, please may the gods have mercy on me,
I am going through so much anxiety.
I am only eighteen, should I apply for college,
Or will I end up “being all, I can be”!
Wait my grades are not what the kids say now “a beast”.
The C’s could have been; increased.
Will that keep me from the ivy league?
Oh God please don’t have me on the, seven seas.
What will I ever do?
My dream come true
Has just turned into a horrible fantasy.
Maybe, just maybe, I’m dreamy.
My heart is aching and it has started bleeding.
Sigh, I just figured I am no longer that eighteen year old young man.
I am actually older and I have my own fam.
I am walking across that stage in June; again,
But the same feeling and emotions also come to grown men
In 2010.

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